Julie’s Helpers

Before her death from a brain tumor in December 2009, Julie Meadows (May 6, 1973 – December 13, 2009) and her family received all kinds of practical help from friends and fellow church members, organized as Julie’s Helpers.  Shortly before she was diagnosed, Julie engaged in a mission experience on the Navajo Reservation which profoundly touched her.  Julie was particularly taken by several young Navajo girls she met there, who seemed equally taken with her.  A year and a half later, a scholarship fund with the same name, Julie’s Helpers Memorial Scholarship, was established to carry on this legacy of service to others in Julie’s memory.  In keeping with Julie’s desire to help young Navajo women succeed in achieving their goals of improving the lives of those in their community, the Julie’s Helpers Memorial Scholarship provides financial support to enable young Navajo women to pursue their educational goals, particularly those who would not otherwise have the resources to attend college.

Originally, the goal was to award a single scholarship of $2,500 annually to a young woman who embodied Julie’s spirit of service to others, work ethic, and commitment to achieving her goals.  Some years, when the funds are sufficient, multiple scholarships are awarded.

The Julie’s Helpers Memorial Scholarship has now awarded 26 scholarships to Navajo women providing more than $43,000 to support their desire to return home and improve the lives of those in their communities.  These extraordinary young women have shown strength, perseverance, commitment, and above all, a strong sense of service to their community.  While overcoming a number of obstacles, each young woman is pursuing her own path to improving the lives of those in her community through their education in fields such as business and accounting, health and nutrition, engineering, psychology, nursing and elementary education.

The Julie’s Helpers Memorial Scholarship Committee wishes to thank the generous donors who continue to enable Julie’s spirit of giving to carry on.  It is truly amazing how, even though she can’t be here to help make the selection herself, Julie still has the power to bring us all together and do something wonderful to help others.